And gone to heaven.
 I mean...I just can't.
The lace, the polka dots, the jewels, the nail color, and THAT bag!
This look works on so many levels.
Let's start with the outfit : when prints are subtle and small enough, they can be mixed together to create a passionate love affair.
The tiny polka dots in a classic white and black married together with that creamy timeless floral lace is amaze.
The gold / pearl / diamond combo on the jeweled baubles is glam without screaming "overkill" because the color palette is left at a neutral.
That taupey-beige nail color ties in the cream / black / tan color palette beautifully.
And last, but by far the most least, is the delicious clutch.
It's almost like that perfectly worn-in, soft, beaten up, vintage leather clutch that is an all time stand-by.
It goes with any color imaginable and is classic beyond its years.
Too pretty for words, this one.