16 December

Christmas Giveaway

Merry early Christmas! Today I have a giveaway for one lucky winner to receive their very own custom monogrammed gorgeous 24k gold necklace from 9th & Elm! This stunning shiny gold piece will perfectly polish off your holiday outfit, whether it's a cozy chunky sweater and some quilted knee high boots or a simple tunic dress with a scarf and some fab heels. I paired it with a crochet button white blouse and some jeweled heels for work 
(obsessed with those, by the way)

To enter, simply share this post and comment below after you've shared. 
Good luck to all!

*Contest is open until 12/20 at midnight and open to all residents of the US and Canada. Winner will be chosen at random*

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04 December

Fab Hair

I am thrilled to be showing off my new absolutely ah-mazing hair oil
that I collaborated with Monat on! What I have for you today is the Monat Rejuveniqe Intensive Oil. So, all know that I am a huge believer in coconut oil - 
the range of benefits it offers is insane.
I think I just hit the jackpot in the hair health lottery. Monat Rejuveniqe's Oil Intensive treatment offers benefits that are astounding. Check it out:
  • 11+ molecular ingredients that mimic the body's natural oils! Including (but not limited to) vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, omega-6 fatty acids, beta-carotene, amino acids, and nutrients
  • Helps protect against environmental damage (absorbs high amounts of UVA/UVB light
  • Preserves the hair follicle
  • Adds volume and shine
  • Strengthens and thickens hair
  • Aids in the prevention of hair loss
  • Protects natural and synthetic hair coloring (as well as gray)
  • Penetrates hair to protect hair cuticle and cortex
I am also a firm believer in natural oils and extracts 
to heal and protect your body, face, and skin against the natural elements, which is why this oil is so absolutely perfect. With Red Clover extract and Pea extract, noticeable hair growth and prevention of premature thinning are among the top winning points here. Another thing I loved is that it comes with an eye dropper so that you get the perfect amount every single time. Not too much, not too little. Did I also mention that I mixed a little in with my nightly moisturizer? YES - I absolutely did!
So, if all THAT isn't juicy enough for you - you'll love this...
What I love even MORE than the beneficial ingredients that are in this super-oil are what ISN'T in Monat's blend:
  • No parabens
  • No sulfates
  • No DEA/MEA
  • No PEG
  • No harsh Salt Systems
  • No harmful colors
  • No harmful fragrances
To get maximum use out of this glorious product, I recommend:

Hair - apply a generous amount (full eye dropper's worth) into the palm of your hand, rub together to warm it up, and run through either dry/damp hair and scalp, leave on for 15 minutes or so and then shampoo/condition. 
*this can also be used as a leave-in treatment - apply to freshly washed damp hair, concentrating on ends and then style as normal

Skin - especially effective on areas that are prone to dryness (hello Midwest winters!). Apply to cuticles, heels, knees, and elbows to prevent the dreaded flakiness. For the face and neck, apply morning and/or night before moisturizer (or mix a few drops into moisturizer in palm, as I did).

If you want to order your own bottle (which is a pretty decent size, might I add) head on over to to scoop it up.


02 October

Beauty Blunders?

Nope! Not here!
I think once in a while it's nice to break free from a usual blogging routine. Whether it be fashion, photography, your kids, your pets, ugly renaissance babies -
seriously, people will blog about ANYTHING (I'm not kidding, check it out).
Today I decided to share some brand new beauty products that I am completely in love with and can't get enough of lately. Below are some of my favorite brands and coming from a hairstylist/beauty guru - I know my crap. So just trust me.
The thing is - when done right - cosmetics and beauty products not only enhance natural beauty but they make you feel GOOD. Makeup fits any size or shape! No worries of those skinny jeans looking scary, no wondering if you have cellulite showing, no arm jiggle to hide! Let it all hang out!
And make sure your hair, makeup, and nails are top notch.

> currently crushing on the Nordic Collection by OPI, Kiehl's, BENEFIT, and NARS <

(The new BENEFIT new gel liner below is to DIE for)

(Scarlet Empress lipstick by NARS)


28 September

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters has been making some controversial waves lately, 
namely, the Kent State University uproar. Quick history lesson for you (since I am a Kent State University alumni)...
On May 4th, 1970, Kent State University in Kent, OH endured a horrific  massacre involving the death of 4 students and wounding 9 others by the Ohio National Guard. The students were taking a stand on the Cambodian Campaign by President Nixon and were tragically caught in the crossfire.
Insert Urban Outfitters daring and outrageous taste - they recently released a sweatshirt dubbed as a "Vintage" Red-Stained Kent State sweatshirt (see photo below). The sweatshirt eerily suggests blood spatters and a blood stained effect with the Kent State University crest on the front, which is sort of a slap in the face to those affected by the Kent State shootings decades ago.
Like I said, as having attended Kent State University, I found the sweatshirt to be in incredibly poor taste and I absolutely do not support the release of that kind of item. Urban Outfitters quickly released a public apology and pulled the sweatshirt from their site.
While I do not agree with their marketing ploys, I have been a lover of their style for quite some time and I picked out a few top picks (underneath the sweatshirt) in spirit of the upcoming fall season.
Don't be fooled - 
I've since browsed their site but they are style on style probation from me...

> Take a peek at the link above for all the fab picks below <

(not for sale)


16 September

Create Yourself

Sometimes Forever 21 gets a bad rap.
They market to a younger crowd, their jeans sometimes fit 3 year olds,
seams and threads come undone, and
everyone. shops. there.
To some of these, I agree.
BUT, what I do like about Forever 21 is that you can absolutely create your own sense of style. You can mix, you can match, you can be daring with prints, or sleek and classic with solids. They really do have a knack for a trendy eye and encourage
dressing to make a statement. 
I have rounded up some pieces that I think would make
you feel more comfortable about shopping at your niece's 
after school job.
(click link above for all treats)



04 September

Ladies and Gentlemen...

Kate Spade

Huge haul coming to you today! 
I have to admit - I wasn't really on the Kate Spade bandwagon with everyone else. My style is very eclectic - some days I'm more of a rocker vibe and other days I'm hippie bohemian.
But one thing that is a constant in my wardrobe is COLOR. I am obsessed with color.
I very rarely wear black.
So while perusing the Kate Spade website today, I was totally taken aback by all the bright pops of pretty picks and citrusy oranges.
Today was a game changer for me.
You won Kate Spade,
you won.

(click on link above for all the goodies)