17 April

Alright, it's spring line up time!! I decided I needed to do a post picking some of my most favorite pieces from SheInside because there are so many absolutely incredible pieces that are actually affordable that it was a MUST that I share with you all. I'm a big time color and print girl and this site does anything but disappoint in that department this season. I am all about trying to wear a maxi for any occasion and a floral print pant?? Yes, please! Enjoy!

17 April

One of my favorite things to do is explore. I love adventures. I love new places. When I was in Nashville for fashion week two weeks ago - I decided to rent a car for the week so I could visit some new towns that I had never been to before. I partially considered myself a local and had no need for a GPS after a day because I was already familiar with my way around the city. I did find, however, the cutest little quaint coffee shop while driving through a quiet neighborhood one morning. As I was walking into the Red Bicycle coffee shop (best coffee shop name ever by the way) - I happened to notice an adorable black and white striped dress on a mannequin on the sidewalk a few doors down. we all know I'm not passing that one up!

I got my coffee and bee-lined it to this mysterious and magical boutique that caught my attention. I had no idea I was about to walk into a boutique that could sum up my entire style  in one fell swoop.  I instantly fell in love with the colors, prints, scarves, jewels, flowy fabrics, and the southern charm from owner Ashley Simpson (no relation I was told). 

I chatted with Ashley for a bit and after a few minutes, I realized, this girl had to have been my bestie in a previous life.  She was incredibly sweet, down to earth, unmistakably fashionable, and! The boutique I was standing in, Pieces Boutique, is her second bricks and mortar store (her first being in Martinsville, VA).  She wanted to bring sort of the down-home, small town girl vibe to Nashville and wanted a place where anyone can walk in and pick any piece of clothing, jewelry, etc. and make it their own. To create their own sense of style, if you will. Just mix and match and be creative and see what you can come up with and make your OWN trends. 

One of the most exciting things she shared with me is that the week prior to me being there, Garth Brooks brought his daughter in to shop. Get out. Also spotted at Pieces, was Brian Kelley (from Florida Georgia Line) and his new blushing bride, Brittney AND Carrie Underwood was spotted last fall. So...I'm setting up my sleeping bag outside of this new favorite boutique? I (definitely) think so!!


14 April

So, I've been back from Nashville fashion week for a week now and I cannot WAIT to share all the cool, hip, different, edgy, and glitzy pieces I got to experience while attending all the shows. I love drawing attention to the incredibly talented designers who are not as well known yet and helping them to reach star status by getting their name out there. I've got some amazing photos and videos from each designer's collection and I saw everything from men's to women's to even kids clothing collections and these designers truly have some amazing untapped talent. First up - and this was my favorite show from all week long - is Melrose Space. The collection is bright, sunny, flowy, bohemian, carefree, bold, free-spirited, and just downright cool.