28 May

Trend Inspirations
by: SheInside

So if you've read any of my posts before - you're probably well aware that I love bright, colorful, fun, and printed clothes. I actually rarely ever wear black. I feel like there are just so many colors that can compliment your skin tone so you should take full advantage of that - especially in the summer time when golden tans are in full swing! Here are a few summer picks that I think work well with a variety of figures and skin tones. These are all at FANTASTIC prices as well!
Hope you enjoy!



26 May

Today's post encompasses my handbag obsession. I have so many that, in my living room, I have them hung on my walls. It's so out of control but I refuse to get rid of any. Each one reminds me of different times in my life when I used them - I remember the friends I had in my life at that time, what weddings and parties I attended when I carried those bags, 
and some were just an unbelievable steal 
that I'd rather them collect dust 
than throw or give away. 

Since there are some crazy good sales going on this weekend, I've perused
 a couple of sites for you and picked out the best of the best.

Happy shopping!

Mauve Floral Weekender Bag / Shopbop
Rebecca Minkoff White MAC / Shopbop
Tribal Fringe Handbag / South Moon Under
Coral Striped Clutch / South Moon Under
Rebecca Minkoff 5 Zip Mint MAC / Shopbop
Mint Tassel Clutch / South Moon Under
Geometric Print Backpack / Nordstrom
Grey and Yellow Dot Bag / Nordstrom
Gold Metallic Clutch / Nordstrom
Mint and White Striped Clutch / Nordstrom


24 May


Here are a few of my favorite picks from Shopbop and 
Nordstrom sales going on this weekend! I especially love the coral ankle wedge
sandals and the bright Marc Jacobs watch!

1. Tory Burch logo studs / Shopbop
2. Kate Spade iPhone case / Shopbop
3. Fierce and Foremost Dress / Shopbop
4. Embellished Plaid Crepe Shift Dress / Nordstrom
5. Splendid coral wedge / Shopbop
6. Marc Jacobs neoprene case / Shopbop
7. Marc Jacobs watch / Nordstrom


20 May

So I've read of people doing personal challenges. Trying new makeup colors for a month, not spending money for 30 days(umm...yikes!), photographing their looks everyday, I decided to do something a little similar. My shoe collection is just sitting in my house (in various rooms taking up a ridiculous amount of space) so I thought I'd try a "Different Shoe a Day Challenge" for 1 month. That's right - wear a different pair of shoes every single day so I don't feel so bad about leaving some in the dust - literally. 

I'll update once a week with all 7 photos for that week so you can see what each pair has been styled with. So tell me...have YOU done any challenges?! What is your go-to summer pair?



16 May

Such an exciting day!!! My first ebook has launched! It's short but sweet and I would LOVE to know what you think - good or bad! Makeup tips and tricks are always something useful and I actually learned a few new things in the process and I hope someone else does too! Make sure to subscribe via the popup to get a free copy. Thanks my lovely readers - you're the best! Xoxo


15 May

Summer is upon us!! It's starting to slowly creep in - the slightly humid and blissful sunshine seeping through the bedroom window, the faint sound of birds chirping in the trees outside of my bedroom, and a warm glow that is perfection for getting ready in the morning and putting on makeup. It's all so glorious and I live for these days...truly. While I'm gathering up some of my favorite outfits to wear in these late spring/early summer days - I'm featuring a few of my recent outfits of the day. Also...look for my free e-book launching this week!! Anyone who starts following the blog will get a copy so be on the lookout my loves! Xoxo

brantley gilbert

05 May

I have one of my favorite posts for you today! While I was in Nashville for fashion week, I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with store owners, other fellow bloggers, fashionistas, and just some pretty damn cool people. I'm so excited to let you in on a pretty good little Nashville secret - his name is Brunner and he owns Brunner's Metalwear. Talk about a guy who creates some really cool distressed, beat up, and unique cuffs that are a mix of both of leather AND metal. I love another creative mind and Brunner truly knows how to put his heart and soul into every piece. It's not until he feels that every single piece is perfected that he puts it out into the world. He's also got a pretty rockin' clientele - Gary Allan. What?! Talk about celeb status!! I cannot wait until my next trip down to music city to get my hands on these hand-crafted cuffs and chat with the down home, laid-back creator of this line. Also, cuffs are available for men and women. Check out the interview I had the pleasure of doing with Brunner below and also pics from his amazing line!

Q1: What was your inspiration for starting your brand?
    - I'm always looking for cool better looking clothing and accessories to wear. I'm always finding great clothes but I was lacking in cool accessories. I could never seem to find the cuffs or bracelets that I would wear. They were all boring. All leather or maybe with a few eyelets or some design on it but it was pretty flimsy and cheap. I was wanting some metal on mine. something a little more flashy but not so blingy. Something that was right in the middle. So with my background in saddlery and blacksmithing I wanted to see if I can make this ONE bracelet idea I had in mind. All I wanted was to make this one bracelet and when I worked on that turned out to be like 15 to 17 different bracelets and cuffs that I made. They were all so damn cool. 

Q2: How did you decide on a name?
    - My name is George Brunner Boettcher. My middle name, Brunner, is my mom's Maiden name which I inherited as a middle name. It's a German name which I'm very proud of. I wanted to pass on the tradition of keeping my mothers last name alive. I came up with Metalwears because that's what it is. It's metal you wear.

Q3: What is your favorite piece in the collection?
    -My favorite piece in the whole collection would have to be the double full layer leather with Gold Cross. 

Q4: What's one of the most challenging things as a business owner?
    -After setting up the business, the most challenging thing I've come across is the social media marketing of the cuffs. I was never a twitter or a hashtag kinda guy. BUT I am now.

Q5: Tell me about your creative process. How much work goes into one piece?
    -I start each piece by hand selecting each leather strip and tooling and stamping it. Then I dye it and let it set over night. I then come back and put a shine to it and let that sit over night. After that, it's all about being creative! If it's a NEW piece I haven't made before I'll be sitting there just putting things on and off till I find something cool I like. I've come up with a few patent pending designs by doing that. It's a very cool process. 

Q6: What style defines Brunner's Metalwear?
    -If I had to say what style defines Brunner's Metalwear it would be any piece where I have stamped metal in the background with layers of gold, silver, brass and copper surrounding it.

Q7: What has been the best advice you've received when starting your business?
    - The best advice I've received is "To take my time and be original". Something I've always strived to live by. 

Fun Q+A session:
1: Favorite musician?
    - John Mellencamp. I grew up listening to him and he is in the fabric of my life.

2: Favorite day of the week?
    -Saturday night is my favorite night. Something about that night makes me feel like everyone is free.

3: Last book or magazine you read or flipped through?
    -I'm always looking at "The Week" It's the best in US and INTERNATIONAL Media.

4: If you could retire anywhere, where would you go?
    -My retirement would be in Maui, Hawaii. It's so beautiful and warm there. There is no way but to relax there.

The Label storefront / Showcase in The Label / Gary Allan display /
owner/designer Brunner Boettcher / country singer Brantley Gilbert wearing Brunner's Metalwear /
'Nashville' tv show is an avid fan of Brunner's Metalwear - showcasing his work on the show