Today's post encompasses my handbag obsession. I have so many that, in my living room, I have them hung on my walls. It's so out of control but I refuse to get rid of any. Each one reminds me of different times in my life when I used them - I remember the friends I had in my life at that time, what weddings and parties I attended when I carried those bags, 
and some were just an unbelievable steal 
that I'd rather them collect dust 
than throw or give away. 

Since there are some crazy good sales going on this weekend, I've perused
 a couple of sites for you and picked out the best of the best.

Happy shopping!

Mauve Floral Weekender Bag / Shopbop
Rebecca Minkoff White MAC / Shopbop
Tribal Fringe Handbag / South Moon Under
Coral Striped Clutch / South Moon Under
Rebecca Minkoff 5 Zip Mint MAC / Shopbop
Mint Tassel Clutch / South Moon Under
Geometric Print Backpack / Nordstrom
Grey and Yellow Dot Bag / Nordstrom
Gold Metallic Clutch / Nordstrom
Mint and White Striped Clutch / Nordstrom