21 June

Print Palooza

it is FINALLY summer. i dream about this day from the first day of fall to the last day of spring. i need warmth and sun and concerts. i need dresses and sandals and the windows down. the beach, sunglasses, and balmy humid nights.
there are so little clothes to be worn in summer but when you must wear them - they better be fun and full of color. getting rid of those chunky fabrics, socks, boots, browns, blacks, sweaters, and coats for a minuscule 3 months is likely one of the best feelings in the world
(for this Ohio girl, anyways).
if you're not a prints person and they leave you looking a little deer in headlights,
then it's best to start with a small print in a small area. try a simple tank, a light and airy summer scarf, or a printed boat shoe perhaps. below are a few fun summer prints and then also different pieces i found using those prints in various pieces.
anything goes this time of year so let it all hang out! (in moderation)



18 June

Why is Everyone Crazy for 
Festival Season?!

For the past few years - "festival season" has been
Why?! Is it the barely-there clothes that are considered the norm? The hippie hookups you'll never remember? Is it the new indie music you've never heard before, therefore upping your hipster status? My only guess is...
all of the above.
Now that Woodstock has come and gone for the baby boomer generation - what do we have?? We have Bonnaroo. SXSW. Warped Tour. Voodoo. Coachella. Lollapalooza. Firefly. Rock the Bells. I mean, get real - the ever growing list is insane. 
A territory that comes with the craze is festival-fashion. We see high waisted cut off jean shorts, lace, crochet, bikini tops galore, prints, colors, caftans, fringe, hippie headbands, and flower crowns.


12 June

Handmade Haul

I know I'm not the only one who is an Etsy-lover and every time I log in - I lose myself in crocheted headbands, handmade lace t-shirts, and knitted bow pillows. I find so many unique and quirky designs from people all over the country and I think it would be so cool to travel to different cities to all these shops and design studios but my budget would not allow for that.
I'm bringing all my favorite cities to you! I went through some popular
 cities across the US to find some crazy-cool handmade things.
Some of these are ultra-impressive!

Mint Feather Silk Scarf (cheat item - not in the US) / Howlite Fan Cord Necklace


09 June

Wedding Season

Since I just did a post about a wedding I was in last week - I started thinking that it IS actually the beginning of wedding season! This means cocktail dresses, heels, fancy flats, sparkly jewels, and clutches. I decided to peruse a few sites to get you wedding-ready with some frocks for every body type. Remember - attending a wedding doesn't have to mean scary blister-inducing heels, tightly zippered corseted dresses, and panty hose (the horror!). Hopefully you'll find something comfortable, affordable, and something that will make you feel like a dime piece. 



Maxi Multi Function Dress / Akira (I ordered this - pics to come!)
Embroidered Maxi Dress / South Moon Under


06 June

Wedding Bells

Last Saturday, I had the privilage of being in one of my best friend's wedding. It was a bright and beautiful day and we had so many pretty treats to show off to everyone at the ceremony and reception! Though my day started at 530am - I was more than excited to make all the bridesmaids look like dolls while doing their hair and's one of my favorite things to do. From our dresses to shoes to jewels and the most beautiful brooch bouquets I have EVER seen - the entire day was a sort of fabulous that only brides dream of. It was nothing short of perfection and we threw our own little traditions in there as well :)