It is FINALLY summer. I dream about this day from the first day of fall to the last day of spring. i need warmth and sun and concerts. I need dresses and sandals and the windows down. The beach, sunglasses, and balmy humid nights.
There are so little clothes to be worn in summer but when you must wear them - they better be fun and full of color. Getting rid of those chunky fabrics, socks, boots, browns, blacks, sweaters, and coats for a minuscule 3 months is likely one of the best feelings in the world
(for this Ohio girl, anyways).
If you're not a prints person and they leave you looking a little deer in headlights,
then it's best to start with a small print in a small area. Try a simple tank, a light and airy summer scarf, or a printed boat shoe perhaps. Below are a few fun summer prints and then also different pieces i found using those prints in various pieces.
Anything goes this time of year so let it all hang out! (in moderation)