Urban Outfitters has been making some controversial waves lately, 
namely, the Kent State University uproar. Quick history lesson for you (since I am a Kent State University alumni)...
On May 4th, 1970, Kent State University in Kent, OH endured a horrific  massacre involving the death of 4 students and wounding 9 others by the Ohio National Guard. The students were taking a stand on the Cambodian Campaign by President Nixon and were tragically caught in the crossfire.
Insert Urban Outfitters daring and outrageous taste - they recently released a sweatshirt dubbed as a "Vintage" Red-Stained Kent State sweatshirt (see photo below). The sweatshirt eerily suggests blood spatters and a blood stained effect with the Kent State University crest on the front, which is sort of a slap in the face to those affected by the Kent State shootings decades ago.
Like I said, as having attended Kent State University, I found the sweatshirt to be in incredibly poor taste and I absolutely do not support the release of that kind of item. Urban Outfitters quickly released a public apology and pulled the sweatshirt from their site.
While I do not agree with their marketing ploys, I have been a lover of their style for quite some time and I picked out a few top picks (underneath the sweatshirt) in spirit of the upcoming fall season.
Don't be fooled - 
I've since browsed their site but they are style on style probation from me...

> Take a peek at the link above for all the fab picks below <

(not for sale)