I think once in a while it's nice to break free from a usual blogging routine. Whether it be fashion, photography, your kids, your pets, ugly renaissance babies -
seriously, people will blog about ANYTHING (I'm not kidding, check it out).
Today I decided to share some brand new beauty products that I am completely in love with and can't get enough of lately. Below are some of my favorite brands and coming from a hairstylist/beauty guru - I know my crap. So just trust me.
The thing is - when done right - cosmetics and beauty products not only enhance natural beauty but they make you feel GOOD. Makeup fits any size or shape! No worries of those skinny jeans looking scary, no wondering if you have cellulite showing, no arm jiggle to hide! Let it all hang out!
And make sure your hair, makeup, and nails are top notch.

> currently crushing on the Nordic Collection by OPI, Kiehl's, BENEFIT, and NARS <

(The new BENEFIT new gel liner below is to DIE for)

(Scarlet Empress lipstick by NARS)