9th and Elm

03 February

Sweet on Him

Buying a Valentine’s Day gift for the man that has it all can be such a pain! No, he doesn’t need another quirky tee, definitely not another phone gadget…what other life-essentials does that leave us with? How about these picks from 9th & Elm:
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*Also check out outfit ideas below for a special night out (or in)  :)

So you know your man’s smoking hot, right? Why not share in his passion for fine cigars by presenting him with this handsome leather cigar case.

Every gentleman knows the benefits of keeping a sharp appearance. Between closing business deals and landing a lady, shiny shoes can get you far in life!

What’s better than a bottle of his favorite whiskey? A vintage inspired oak whiskey barrel filled with his most favored libations of course!

So he already has a perfectly curated set of cigars that pique his tastes, but does he have a high quality copper finish cigar cutter?

Celebrate his classy drinking side by gifting him an engraved leather flask that bears his initials

It’s party time and you know the boys will be flinging their bottle caps all over if you don’t have a designated spot!

So you’ve got a wine guy on your hands, huh? Give him another reason to pop a cab next time you two do dinner at home with this gorgeous all encompassing wine opener and preserver kit!

No idea what to wear? The horror! 
Check out my fave pink Valentine outfit inspiration!