Mid-Century Makeover

Since I am on a home renovation (and HGTV) kick - I thought I'd share my plans for my master bedroom makeover. If you read my previous bathroom renovation post - then you'd know I'm working with a 1926 craftsman bungalow house that my great grandparents built when they immigrated here from Italy. 

It's a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom house and although the space is small and I live by myself, I've learned to adjust (although my wardrobe hasn't). I've found that my style and taste has changed drastically over the years and I REALLY wanted my house to reflect a much more clean, bright, fresh vibe. I struggled with either wanting a simple farmhouse feel or more of a mid-century modern space.

So - why struggle? I want both. I like either really white spaces or really dark spaces. I love greenery accents and touches of natural wood, copper, and interesting textiles by way of rugs and mirrors. 

Here are my design inspirations for my master bedroom that I will be starting on this week. Has anyone went bold and tried dark colors in a small space?! Do I do one wall or ALL walls?! I'm dying to know...


Incredible Bathroom Reno

I am bursting at the seams to share my bathroom renovation from last week. I have spent hours and MONTHS pouring over design ideas and consulting my ever growing Pinterest boards about what I wanted my new bathroom to look like. 

My house is 91 years old (built in 1926 if you're not great at math). My great grandparents built it in the mid-20s when they immigrated from Italy so it kind of holds a special place in my heart. I've lived in it for nearly 15 years an realized that no major renovations had been done on it since I've lived there. Well we have to fix that!! I have been inspired lately to go more neutral. Bright, fresh, clean lines were the only thing I wanted. I have such an eclectic mix of styles that I love, ranging from 'Mid-Century Modern' to 'Farmhouse' to 'Swanky Hotel'. I couldn't decide on just one look so I tried to incorporate small design elements from each style that I liked.

I knew I definitely needed the small space to feel as large as possible so I needed lighter and brighter walls. I used Behr satin finish paint in Shiny Luster from home Depot for my wall color and Behr Ultra Pure White for my baseboards and tri-fold mirror that I refinished.

I had my heart set on copper fixtures throughout BUT it was proving difficult to find bathroom fixtures in real copper simply because they're not made for moisture-inducing rooms very often because I'm told they turn a greenish color when exposed after a long period of time to humidity and moisture. Anyways, I found a brushed copper finish on my bathroom sink faucet at Signature Hardware and a champagne bronze shower kit from Wayfair (Lowe's had it also but for $50 more). 

I picked out a carrara marble mosaic floor tile from Home Depot (made by Jeffrey Court), bright white 3x6 subway tile in a straight herringbone pattern (also Jeffrey Court), wooden corner shelves (thanks Target!), and a copper round mirror from Urban Outfitters. All links are listed below to each item (I'm also not affiliated with any company - I just love everything THAT much). 

I still cannot stop drooling over the makeover. What do YOU think??! 

floor tile / Jeffrey Court 
white bathmat / ikea
toilet / Lowe's
sink / Home Depot
corner shelves / Target
bathtub / Lowe's
shower 3x6 subway tile / Jeffrey Court
grout / Home Depot (Delorean Gray)
sink faucet / Signature Hardware
shower kit / Wayfair
paint / Behr
marble corner shower shelves / Ebay


Home Sweet (Designed) Home

This weather has had me spring cleaning for the past few months now and I have been playing with color and designfor complete makeovers in all of the rooms in my house. I need a sprucing up. A refresh. A little change of scenery.I quickly realized that I didn't want to re-paint all of the rooms in my house - mostly because I'm way too lazy and I like quick fixes.If it takes more than a day, I'm out.Plus, I had spent way too much time years ago painting my living and dining room bright teal (like below) and I knew there was something else I could do with the decor.So naturally, I turned to Pinterest. Visions of color blocking and shabby chic danced in my head as I pinned and liked and bookmarked pages.THEN I realized that most of my taste had been stemming from ANTHROPOLOGIE. I wanted new curtains, a headboard, some vintage looking mirrors,duvets and woven baskets...I couldn't stop myself!I was like a toddler in a cake factory - gimme it all!Not only does Anthropologie have exquisite taste, they come with a hefty price tag. I did turn to a bit of DIY that I can't wait to share with you but for now - here are some of my inspirations for my living room makeover: